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Fujian Star-net Communication Co., Ltd, a leading solution provider in China founded in 1996, has dedicated to research and development of networks, communications, terminals and video application systems. With philosophy of Science &Technology Innovation, Convergence Application, Star-net gains a unique competitiveness from the trinity of software, hardware and service, builds a brand with innovation as its connotation by innovating in technology, application, management and business model based on independent research and industrial application. As a national high-tech enterprise and the leader of networks and communications industry, Star-net created a brand worth RMB 98.58 billion in 2013. In June, 2010, Star-net went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002396), became a list company with independent innovation as its core competitiveness.

As one of the State's Innovation Companies, Star-net establishes an independent innovation system with opening-up and cooperation based on its research institute. With more than3000 employees, occupying 1/3 of its workforce, dedicated to R&D and with around 10% of its annual revenues channeled to this field, Star-net has established six R&D centers in Fuzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Chengdu that make up the Star-net Research for networks and communications. In 2013, the R&D investment reached RMB482 million. The company has been identified as the State's Enterprise Technology Center, International Technology Cooperation Base, State's Postdoctoral Program, the only one provincial lab of NGN Project in Fujian, and has undertaken the Chinese Torch Project, state and provincial technology research projects, National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and State Project of the Core Electronic Devices, High End General Chips and Basic Software, possessing numerous leading technologies at home and aboard. By the end of 2013, Star-net has applied for 1682 patents. It was awarded as the Fujian Superior Company of Intellectual Property and was listed in State's Intellectual Property Pilot Companies.

With independent innovation, Star-net established long-term cooperation with Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and Fujian Normal University. In 2009, Star-net built State's Engineering Laboratory for NGN Access System with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It also set up deep and all-around technology partnership with world renowned enterprises such as Siemens, Broadcom, Marvell, SIGMA, BENQ and STMicroelectronics, while established 5 joint laboratories with Microsoft, TI, Motorola, Intel and VMware so as to keep prospective in technology and. do researches in cutting edge.

Star-net sets the pace in different fields by its capability of innovation. Ruijie Networks becomes the first domestic supplier for networking products, standing in top in educational market for years while plays a role as the second large supplier of switch in China. Star-net has been taking the domestic champion of wireless access products, phone payment terminals and video application products, while its broadband access products ranked second in China, as its thin client, the first supplier in domestic market, ascended to the front of Asia-Pacific. Star-net provides cutting-edge solutions for emerging industries such as the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Trial Play of Technology, Media and Telecom. Also, Star-net has exported its products and services to Russia, India, Southeast Asia, Africa and America, demonstrating the specialty of Created in China.

Today Star-net offers convergence products and solutions to customers based on 6S service expertise, expedite supply chain, advanced information management, complete sales channel and global delivery. It has been appreciating by customers, government and public, and was awarded as the Top100 Growing Companies, Honorable Mention for Chinese Innovation Companies, State's High-tech Industrial Demonstrative Project, China Top Brand, Most Valuable Brand of Chinese Electronic Companies, China Top 100 Software Companies, Contribution to Chinese Information Industry for 20 Years, Top 100 IT Companies of China E-Government and China Top 50 Telecom Companies. It has been inspected by Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Li Yuanchao, Liu Yandong and other leaders. Wen Jiabao visited Star-net in May 2009, encouraged the staff that innovation wins strength, innovation sets the pace, innovation brings development and innovation earns dignity.

The core value, I-STAR, standing for Innovation, Service, Teamwork, Achievement and Rapid, drives Star-net to devote itself to core businesses, making them stronger and larger, and to strive for higher value for clients and society by competitiveness of software, hardware and service. As the company goes to public, Star-net will rise to its new heights in developing an outstanding national brand, set the pace in both technology and market, and lead its way up to the leader in enterprise-level application industry, while sprint to the goal of 5 Billion in 3Years, 10 Billion in 5Years. It will stride forward in full sail, striving to be the new national innovative model and a successful long running company.

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