Star-Net won the top 50 of invention patent of national enterprise technology center


On October 19, 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the evaluation results of the national enterprise technology center in 2013. Star-Net successfully passed the 2013 evaluation, at the same time, ranked 22nd in the invention patent quantity in enterprises rankings, ranked the top three in the field of network communication.

In 2008, Star-Net successfully passed the review of the fifteenth batch of national enterprise technology center review, obtaining the award of "national level enterprise technology center" issued by National Development and Reform Commission. Reportedly, the national enterprise technology center requires enterprises have a comprehensive research, development, test conditions, cooperation mechanisms for stable, especially the core technology with independent intellectual property, well-known brand, and establish the management system of intellectual property rights. According to the "National Enterprise Technology Center management approach", the National Development and Reform Commission every year invites the intermediary for the national evaluation of enterprise technology, and guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development, and enhance the capability of independent innovation.

Star-Net has always regarded the independent innovation as the core value of it and prime power of realizing the sustainable development. By strengthening the improvement of intellectual property system, and responding to the changing competitive situation, Star-Net persists in putting around 10% of annual sales income into independent research and development. R & D investment in 2012 reached 402 million yuan. With a stable R & D system and perfect intellectual property protection system, Star-Net further consolidates advantage of innovation in the five industrial field of cloud computing, the next generation networks, triple play, Internet of things, wisdom park innovation, to ensure that the company can continue in the next decade standing in the forefront of innovation. The fact that Star-Net won the top 50 of invention patent of national enterprise technology center not only is strong evidence of Star-Net continuing to enhance the core competitiveness, but also strengthens the community, including the capital market's confidence in the company's future development.

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