Star-Net sparkled in 2013 China International Industrial Fair


On November 5 -9, ,2013, the fifteenth China International Industry Fair was held as scheduled in Shanghai New International Expo Center. There are 9 professional exhibition, and the exhibition area is 150,000 square meters. More than 1800 exhibitors, a total of 100,000 professional visitors at home and abroad , will come to visit it. The Expo has become one of the top important events for China's industrial sector to exchange in the world no matter in the market, specialization, internationalization and branding,

Wisdom city, wisdom future. Star-net brings a series of UCC solutions and equipments which integrate video application, intelligent home furnishing applications, intelligent hotel and so on to the exhibition. Gather with the communication equipment giants, such as Huawei , the three major operators, major research institutions, Star-net demonstrates cutting-edge information and communications technologies that bring high efficiency, safety and convenience to corporate, Government, industry, and families.

Star-net will continuously promotes innovation, and bring the interactive communication experience to the end. Through the clever building and perfect presentation of product solution, Star-net not only makes the audience understand the preliminary practice and innovation of UCC in the future office, home furnishing application by the candisplay text and staff introduction, but also make them experience how the intelligent home furnishing solutions improve the living comfort and convenience by personally shows various kinds of scene modes of simple client operating in a multi media telephone, remote control lighting, water heater, air conditioning, curtains and so on. When the exhibition staff introduces that this series of schemes will be applied first in star hotel and part of the high-grade residential, and can quickly popularize the intelligent home furnishing in the various domestic intelligent termination in the near future, many integrators, channel operators have expressed strong interest and cooperation intention.

Dedication and profession make technology continue to bloom new life, and give the wisdom" of a new meaning. Star-net has always help enterprise users and consumers improve the communication efficiency and customer service quality by the continuous innovation of products and difference solutions, driving continuous intelligence development in business and family life!

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